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WooCommerce Extra delivery costs

As an e-commerce store owner, they sometimes have to charge additional shipping costs under all circumstances. WooCommerce Extra delivery costs plugin shows you a very simple interface to add this fee to customer order. Store owner can set a label and description (why store owner charges additional fees) that appear in various places (such as shopping cart, checkout, order details, customer email address, etc.). Additional shipping costs will also be charged based on condition (total shopping cart) or without any condition.

Plugin functions

  • Turn on / off the fees / charges.
  • Add custom label
  • Add additional delivery costs (shown in several places, such as checkout page, customer and admin order email)
  • Use conditional compensation rule
  • Select rate type (fixed, percentage)
  • Add amount
  • Set your fee to include the tax amount

Functions in Details

Administration Panel

Plug-in for settings

On the WooCommerce> Settings for Extra Delivery Costs tab you will find the following options.

Plugin settings

Order information in the administration area

Additional delivery costs are shown on the WooCommerce Order detail page in the admin area, like the screenshot below

Order information in the administration area

Order e-mail

Additional delivery costs and reimbursement details are shown in the customer’s email and admin order as the screenshot below.

Order e-mail


Shopping cart page

Additional delivery costs are shown on the shopping cart page, such as the screenshot below.

WooCommerce shopping cart page

Checkout page

Additional delivery costs and fee details are shown on the Checkout page, such as the screenshot below based on plugin settings.

WooCommerce checkout page

Order received page

Additional delivery charges are shown on the Order received page, as the screenshot below.

Order received page


  • WordPress
  • WooCommerce


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